Definition of conglomerate

  • Cemented gravels ; pudding stone ; cement ; rounded, water-worn quartz-gravel, agglutinated by an argillaceous, silicious, or ferruginous cement. Differs from breccia, which is always composed of angular fragments of rock.

– The Gold Fields and Mineral Districts of Victoria, 1869

Other words for conglomerate

  • Cement. See cement.
  • Made ground. “The new diggings were well termed shallow workings, and were situated on a small mound of what miners call ‘made ground,’ that is a mass of gravel more or less cemented together, either by the action of fire or water, and carrying gold in places right from the pipe-clay bottom to the roots of the grass, amongst which several fine nuggets were found.” – Round the country. The goldfields adventures of J M Barr 1855 – 65. Edited by Lynton Barr and John Tully.