Shotty gold

Gold in large particles is sometimes called “shotty gold” when it has the appearance of a gun-shot.

See heavy gold.

More substantial than flour gold.

Shotty gold poem

The following poem was published in Smith’s Weeky on 24th March 1934:


Poor old “Shotty!” Few who knew him

From the Archer to the Tye,

Ever heard his real name spoken.

“Shotty’s” all they knew him by.

He was known on every gully,

Everywhere where cradles creak,

Where the gully-rakers gather,

But they never heard him speak

Of aught else, in line of topic –

Be it Summer, be it cold,

But the same old answer ever –

“All I’m after’s shotty gold!”

Ere he dumped his swag to groundward,

Ere he started on his task,

“Is she shotty?” was the question

First and foremost he would ask.

Telling gold yarns by the fire,

Drying trousers caked with clay,

“Hear about Dunn’s forty ounces!”

“Was she shotty?” all he’d say.

And they found him out at Moontop,

Where the hills are steep and gray;

Lying there beside his cradle

And his trough of puddled clay.

Gone away to prospect higher

For the source of wealth untold;

To a land of golden glory –

To a place of shotty gold.

– “E. Monteney”